Assembling Wooden Futon

Rustic Wooden Futon

Many wooden futon frames are easy to assemble. Consist of simple platforms that can unite adjusting a screw with a nut.  Clean the floor of the room where you want to put your futon. Assemble in that room will be easier to do it elsewhere and then move the entire frame. Put the pieces of the arms of the futon on the floor, as far apart as the width of the futon. Orientate them so that the grooves are pointing inward, facing each other.

Put spacers the wooden futon beams on the floor in her arms. Interchangeable separators bring many frames. If one has a metal plate in one edge, then this should be on the top edge of the front splitter. Assemble the standoffs with the arms using bolt and nut shaped barrel that come with the kit. In many cases, inserters a hole in the spacer and put the bolt through the arms, into the end of the separators.

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Adjust bolts to obtain sufficient control. They should, however, be loose for the next part of the project. Arrange panels that hold the mattress on the floor for wooden futon. Arrange them so that the forks of the rear section are around the edges of the inner ends of the seat area.

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