Beautiful Princess Bunk Bed

Princess Bunk Bed Plans

Princess bunk bed – Create a valance canopy fairy tale bed for your little princess with sparkling pink and white layers of networks and silver details. These beautiful and decorative curtains are suspended from a central ring on top of the bed and fall in folds on both sides of it. The design adapts to any bed, but looks best on a header with a simple white. Continues the theme with cushions scattered monogrammed, pink and bed linen white and silver accessories.

It is an ideal place for your princess bunk bed. It has everything on top has the bed and at the bottom an area to play and study. It has two pair up areas and hanging pockets to store hoes. These bunk beds are made of solid wood and decorated pine solid pink.

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Measure the width of the princess bunk bed. A point on the ceiling directly above the center of this. Hold the ring up to that point and then move it so that it is only 12 inches (30 centimeters) from the wall, almost on the headboard. Mark four points inside the ring at the same distance, where are you going to fix. Make four holes with the drill at these points and places fasteners.

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