King Size Platform Bed Frame Building Plans

Building A King Size Platform Bed Frame

If you are in the market for a new bed, you have to consider the King size platform bed frame. The bed is stylish and offers a fresh look to any bedroom. It’s easy to see why platform beds are very popular among all kinds of people, the variety of designs and styles that really […]

Platform Bed With Storage Staircase

Great Ideas Platform Bed With Storage

Platform bed with storage – platform bed is a great solution for a bedroom that is tight on space, but need more beds. Design your own platform bed gives you the flexibility to create a bed that fits perfectly in your space. Homemade platform bed may differ from the size of a traditional bed. Be […]

Build A Platform Bed Frame Plans

Building A Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frame – are popular for their modern bedrooms have simple lines, may not have a box spring and compact in size. Therefore, they are suitable even for houses with small bedrooms to give them space under the bed to store extra stuff. Those who have money coming to the end of the platform bed […]

Elite Diy Platform Bed

Simple And Basic Diy Platform Bed Plans

Diy platform bed – If you already have the mattress you want to use, measure the size of the mattress. Depending on the style platform bed you want to base the size of the platform of the dimensions of the mattress or add about ten until twelve inches to make a modern style platform bed […]

Queen Platform Bed With Storage Ideas

Creative Queen Platform Bed With Storage

Queen platform bed with storage – Storage is a problem in many bedrooms, especially in small spaces. When you are faced with increasing storage space in your room, think about how you can work creative solutions to design and decor to create a system that is both attractive and functional. Replace your bed frame and […]

IKEA Platform Bed Frame

Fascinating IKEA Platform Bed

IKEA platform bed – You can create an indoor playground for your kids by incorporating it in platform bed. length of platform beds should be longer than a traditional bed size. Connect a hammock chair and a slide through end of bed. extra length of bed will give Hammock chair room to swing without hitting […]

Platform Bed With Drawers Queen Size

Platform Bed With Drawers And Headboard

A platform bed with drawers is usually developed with storage devices under the bed. If the space in your room is important to you then have a platform bed would be the best decision for you. You can save a lot of things under the bed as a storage building with this bed. There are […]

White Platform Bed With Storage

White Platform Bed To Showroom

White platform bed – Platform beds made a great come back to the market. Although very popular in the early 1970s they seemed to convert more and more popular today. Sales in the bed platform have been steadily increasing every year. The types of beds are usually sold in stores contemporary and exclusive niche stores […]

Top Platform Bed Plans Ideas

Platform Bed Plans Ideas

Platform bed plans – Platform beds are economical, space saving and is adaptable to almost any sleeping arrangement. Building plans for platform beds can be designed with drawers underneath for storage or with a single platform to incorporate in a minimalist room. Platform beds can fit into a variety of room designs and is great […]

Best Japanese Platform Bed

Cheap Japanese Platform Bed

Japanese Platform Bed – If you have limited space, or love the look of minimalist, modern decor, considers choosing a cheap Japanese platform bed. This style of Japanese platform bed is a good option for attractive, affordable bedroom furniture and space-saving. A cheap Japanese platform bed should correspond to a cheap, cheap bed, not bad […]